The Solopreneur Society

Working for yourself is liberating, having a support group to cheer you on is empowering.

The Solopreneur Society is a curated community of freelancers, creatives, entrepreneurs and small business owners. This is a safe virtual haven where nomads and aspiring entrepreneurs can connect, collaborate, converse and share their journey with other like-minded individuals online and in real life.  

I see you over there, trying to figure out this be-your-own-boss thing by yourself. I believe that independent doesn't have to mean alone and that this is one journey that’s better shared. Truth be told, you need a squad because it takes a village to support an entrepreneur.



‘A group of people who decide to grow together’ -Simon Sinek


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Networking and collaboration opportunities. Resources, tips & advice for your solo journey.




Online conversations & IRL meet-ups. Surround yourself with people who get it!


Your membership gives you access to an unlimited work-for-yourself knowledge bank by tapping into fellow members’ experience. This is your very own small business resource library x cheerleading squad. We are ready to meet you, to promote your work, tell your story, grow your client outreach and collaborate with you. If you are ready to show up, share and engage, you WILL make meaningful connections that will inspire and propel your nomadic work journey. Get ready to meet your biggest fans... your fellow nomads.

yOUR Annual Membership includes:

  • Access to Members-Only online support group (members vault of experience and resources)

  • Personal invites to quaterly Meet-ups currently held in JHB | PTA | CT and hosted by Nomads & Co. city ambassadors. 

  • Facilitated introductions to Nomads in your area or field

  • Our members-only Facebook group is a safe space for you to step into and be yourself. We value this interactive space and my team and I do our best to keep the quality of the members and content of the highest standard.  

  • Quaterly BBB (Brand, Biz, Balance) newsletter for your work-life

  • Weekly tips and motivation in your inbox

  • Regular resource updates and online check-ins

  • Discounted rates for workshops, events, strategy sessions and Nomads partners

  • Listing on Nomads & Co. Freelance directory



  • Don’t see your city? We also have ad-hoc online meet-ups for you to join.

  • We’ll also connect you to fellow Nomads from your area.


  • Your Nomads & Co. membership is tax deductable. We say win/win


  • We regret no refunds will be issued for membership payment.