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My brand-and-business consulting sessions +  starter packages are here to guide you towards living your best nomadic work-life! I can't wait to join your #dreamteam to bring your work- life goals to life.  LET'S GO! 

Nomads Kickstarter

One on One Workshop

How to start a business & or reboot your brand

6 x 90 min  SESSIONS



So you are ready. Ready for more flexibility, more freedom and ripe with ideas and concepts or even ready to reboot your dormant brand. But making a career shift, taking a leap of faith and believing in yourself to start your own business and begin again can be overwhelming. Bring on the analysis paralysis, failure-to-launch, comparison and all the lies you tell yourself, that you lack confidence or skill to make work!

It is my passion and privilege to guide you through the process of starting a business, create a meaningful work-life experiences and build sustainable businesses and to find their authentic brand voice and live out their passion. My workshop is created to bring you action, help you maximise your potential, paint a clear vision of what future of your brand can look like as we create a roadmap together to get you there.

This one-on-one 6 session workshop is designed to help you kick-start your journey with a focus on:

  1. Simpler Lives : Always start with YOU. I strive to help you create a business that will fit your life and serve your life goals. We do this by starting with finding your WHY after whichwe set-up a HOW roadmap of productivity and goal setting and finally look at WHAT  as we come up with at least one minimal viable product or service offering based on your passion, experience and skill set that will be the kickstarter for your business.  (2 Sessions)

  2. Meaningful Connections: This is all about how to rediscovering and finding your authentic and unique brand voice and applying it to your online presence and social media content strategies to create a brand and business that resonates with your audience (2 Sessions)

  3. Great Business: Lastly we look at business of running a business. From budgeting for your start-up to software tools to help running it operationally, setting up workflows and taking a realistic look at when to work ON your business and when you work IN your business. Finally we make sure your business is set-up correctly from an accounting and legal aspect and I connect you to my #squad of incredible service providers that can help set-up your accounting, legal and CI aspects of the business

    The above package includes 12 month subscription to Nomads & Co. network worth R1500 

One on One session available in Joburg. Monday to Saturday availability.

Workshop is available: weekly (6 weeks) up front R4950 or bi-weekly (3 months) pay monthly R1800.

Skype Sessions available for non-Joburg residents.

Book a 15 minute Skype call with below to discuss your dream work-life goals


Adhoc one-on-one session

For business and brand consulting

60 min

R650 for first session and R550 for follow-up sessions


Entrepreneurs don't let other entrepreneurs brainstorm or strategise alone - well at least I don't.  

It's very easy to get tunnel vision when running your own business, with no soundboard to bounce ideas off or test theories. 

I offer 1-hour ad hoc sessions at your convenience as and when you need them if you feel stuck within a specific area of your business.

Draw on my experience and expertise and let's brainstorm some actionable strategies to grow or pivot your business and brand.  Seek advice on areas where you feel stuck or stumped from social media to finances.  

One on One session available in Joburg. Monday to Saturday availability.

Skype Sessions available for non-Joburg or South African residents

Passion led me here, where will it lead you? Taking ownership of your WHY, your passion and your strengths will give you all the fuel to inspire you to take action to move towards your nomadic dream job, career and business goals.
— Lizette Watts