Nomads & Co. Membership


You did it! You've decided to work for yourself.  Being a working nomad can be a liberating but also comes with its own set of challenges from isolation to a lack of support structure and if you're not careful ... burn out. 

Our mission is to create engaging community platform where working nomads can connect, collaborate, converse and share their journey of entrepreneurship with other like-minded individuals.  WE ARE NOT A COWORKING SPACE ANYMORE!

What makes us different from other networks? We consider the entrepreneur holistically and  support our community through mind, body and soul approach.  Our vision is for our members to have a balanced entrepreneurial journey that will enable them to achieve longevity as a business nomad. 

Remote doesn't have mean alone. We encourage you to share the journey and join the community who understands what it means to work for yourself. We are so excited to meet you and to promote the work of our nomads, tell your story,  grow your client outreach, collaborate with you, and make meaningful connections. This is a community that inspires from within. 

After payment you will be sent an application form will be included during checkout. Have your website link, Instagram link, a short bio, and a link to a profile picture at the ready! 

Membership Options Benefits 

Nomads Lite Membership

R350 per year

  • Access to Members-Only Facebook group 
  • Join us for quarterly meet-ups 


Nomads Subscription

R150 per month / R1500 PER YEAR

  • Access to Members-Only Facebook Group
  • Join us for Monthly Networking Meetups
  • First to know and Discounted rates for workshops, events and retreats
  • Listed on website and featured on Social Media
  • Partnership exclusive offers
  • Yearly once off payment save 2 months on your subscription
  • Debit order subscription payment only via debit card
  • 1 x Free ticket to Networking Breakfast per annum

NB! Did you know that your Nomads & Co. membership is tax deductible? We say win/win. 

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What is a nomadic entrepreneur? Anyone who works for themselves! Freelancers, architects, retail shop owners, photographers, accountants, stylist, web developers to stylists and more. Basically anyone who is and wishes to connect with other like-minded solo entrepreneurs and work-from-home nomads. 

I don't live in Joburg can I still join? Of course, you can. You will just be missing out on our Joburg-based events, however, we hope to be rolling out events to all major cities soon. Our online platform remains open to all South Africans. 

How do I pay my monthly/yearly membership? Your first payment will be a via debit card on our secure payment gateway whereafter you will be debited monthly 

Have any burning questions? Send me an email and I will be happy to answer