The Meaningful Connections social media workshop - Is your authentic brand voice resonating with your online audience? From Instagram to mailinglist we look at the how-to's to make your brand land. Only 10 spaces available.

In this workshop we look at what it means and what it takes to build meaningful ‘online’ connections and how to leverage your authentic brand voice to create content that will better connect and engage with your audience and potentially trade your likes for sales when you are sending the right message to the right people.

We look at amplifying your unique brand voice to connect with your own personal tribe, stand out from the visual noise and converting those social media likes to newsletter opens and ultimately to sales.

In the workshop, we'll debunk some social media misconceptions and myths, show you how algorithms and hashtags can become your new bff's, highlight tips, tools and techniques to boost your brand awareness and ultimately turn your followers into a community of loyal clients. All without ad campaigns! (That's right. We see you lean start-ups out there!)

This workshop is perfect for you if:

  • You are marketing your personal brand direct to the consumer (b2c)

  • Your audience is hanging out on visual social media platforms together with another 1 billion users.

  • You have recently started your own business and want to find the right people for your brand.

  • You have an existing brand but don't understand why people are not responding or resonating with your brand online.

  • You want to learn what it takes to create powerful and engaging content (Spoiler alert: No magic formula, secret sauce or weight-loss pill stuff. It takes time and hard work but we know you can do it)

  • You run your own business plus all departments from finance to operations and need to understand how to market in the age of distraction and social media on a lean start-up budget.

  • You're new to the world of social media content creation and need a little bit of a kickstart to point you in the right direction.

In this workshop expect to learn more about:

  • Gathering your tribe: Focus on using your authentic and unique brand voice to create content that will resonate with the 'right people' and not lose sleep over 'wrong ones'.

  • Becoming an INSTA-socialite. Our social media content strategy, tools, tips and techniques will primarily focus on making better connections with your Instagram audience and include a brief overview of other platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter. (And with 1 Billion users you can't really blame us for being all OG on IG)

  • You've got mail. Last but most important it's time to drive home the fact that building the foundations of your brand ONLY on your social media following is a bit like playing Russian roulette with your business. Now that you are speaking your truth and living your best Insta-life, it's time to focus on converting followers to subscribers. This means creating effective and meaningful email content that will drive sales growth for your business.

This is a 4-hour workshop includes light breakfast, snacks, refreshments, teas and coffees. The session will start at 8:30 am to 12:30pm Venue TBC but will be in the vicinity of Linden and Parks area of Joburg.

We regret once payment has been made and booking confirmed no refunds will be issued.


26 November 2018 Joburg


5 November 2018 Joburg

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