My brand-and-business strategy sessions + starter packages are here to guide you towards living your best nomadic work-life!

I believe that a sustainable and healthy work-life experience is built on, balanced lives, a meaningful brand and human connections and having a clear understanding of how your business works and functions on a day to day basis. I use these principles, my 15-year career experience, strengths and passion to help you understand and leverage your own unique strengths, guide you through the process of creating or rebooting a business, motivate you by showing you how your vision can be applied and become a reality, apply a lean start-up methodology. Much like a fitness coach I am here to help bring you to action by keeping you accountable to ultimately getting things done, assist in setting goals and building a strategy make it happen. You will also be introduced to my personal squad of professionals that include an accountant, designer, copywriter and more who have been specially curated to help you move forward in your business.

For each client, the process is unique and different because you are unique and different. I listen and assess at which junction we need to pause and spend more time as I work towards creating a work-life based on YOUR reality and needs. Yes, there are certain general rules and basic guidelines to creating a brand and running a business AND we will work through but there is no cookie cutter formula or one-size-fits-all solution to success. Let’s find that business path best-suited for YOU!

My coaching is aimed at helping you create and grow a brand and business that first of all fits around your life and helping you to understand and discover the Why, How and What of your personal work-life journey. You’ve taken the brave decision to leap, let me help create a safe landing space for you.

I can't wait to join your #dreamteam to bring your work-life goals to life.

Which package is for you?

NB! I am currently fully booked. The next available sessions are from the 21st of May. Please book ahead to avoid dissapointment as limited sessions available per week

The Kickstarter

The Kickstart is perfect for aspiring nomads who dream of working for themselves. Ready to take the leap but overwhelmed by the process, unsure about where to start, what to offer or lacking the confidence or experience to go for it. Let me guide you through the process and together we will create a step-by-step strategy for your new journey, tailor-made for suite your life goals, needs and abilities.

Package Includes

  • 9 x 1 hour session (6 weeks to 3 months scheduling and payment options)

  • 40 min Skype follow up call

  • 1 year Nomads & Co. membership +

  • Welcome gift & kickstarter kit.

  • Discounted rates from my business and brand squad

  • 30% Package discount for existing Nomads members

Package value R10 500

The Reboot

The Reboot strategy and coaching package is ideally suited to existing or dormant personal brands longing for a rebirth and in need of reconnecting with the right audience. Let’s pivot towards passion and rediscover your WHY. It’s time to bring back the balance and spark you are craving for in your brand.

Package Includes

  • 6 x 1 hour sessions ( 6 weeks to 3 months scheduling and payment options)

  • 30 min Skype follow up call 

  • 6 months Nomads & Co. community membership

  • Welcome gift and reboot kit.

  • Discounted rates from my business and brand squad

  • 20% Package discount for existing Nomads members

    Package value R6500

The Quickstart

Brand Focussed: Let's do a quick deep dive and review of the current state of your brand. We do an overview of your most pressing areas that need attention in your brand and create a short term strategy for you to get your feet in the door from which you can further build and grow on.


Package Includes:

  • A 3-hour Quick start strategy personal workshop

  • 20 min Skype follow up call.

  • Discounted rates from my business and brand squad

  • 15% Package discount for existing Nomads members

Package value R2400.

The Strat Session

Book an ad hoc strategy sessions when you need to focus on a specific problem area. What is your biggest challenge? What barrier can’t you break through? Business or brand related or even if you have trouble maintaining the balance, let’s strategise and brainstorm to find a solution that makes sense for you business and work-life to go from survive to thrive.


  • Duration: 1 hour session via Skype

  • Additional follow up sessions are discounted at 15% or buy in bulk session available for monthly, quarterly and yearly mentoring throughout your business journey.

  • 30% discount on ad-hoc strategy sessions for existing Nomads & Co. members

Frequently asked questions around coaching & strategy session

How do the monthly payments work? Both The Kickstarter and Reboot packages are available as once-off payment options where you can choose to schedule your sessions from to take place within a 6 weeks to 16 week period. Should you choose a 2 or 3 month period, your sessions will be spaced out over the payment period.

How do I book my session after payment? After choosing your package or strategy session you will be sent a link to my online diary where you can schedule your session. Sessions take place on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for full-time employees

Where do sessions take place? Should you live in Joburg sessions are conducted within the Parkhurst area. If you live outside of Joburg or abroad, I conduct sessions via Skype.

I do not live in South Africa, can I still make use of your services? Yes, I have clients all over the world and as a fellow global citizen, if my coaching strategy and brand ethos aligns and resonate with you, I will be grateful if you choose me to become part of your nomadic story.

As a full-time employee would I be able to benefit from booking a session or package to start working towards starting my own business? Absolutely! In fact a few of my clients did just that and started a side hustle or got their brand ready until they felt they could take the necessary steps to leave full-time employment.

Passion led me here, where will it lead you? Taking ownership of your WHY, your passion and your strengths will give you all the fuel to inspire you to take action to move towards your nomadic dream job, career and business goals.
— Lizette Watts