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Find social media mindfulness and Brand(self)awarness

Brand New Mornings is a social media and online brand strategy conversation series for personal brands, solo entrepreneurs, freelancers, creatives and small business owners looking to raise their online brand awareness while side-stepping the mental pitfalls that comes with being on social media. I believe with a mindful approach, you can create meaningful connections with your online audience while fostering a healthy relationship with social and digital.

The morning is presented in a group strategy format that will encourage attendees to brainstorm, collaborate and give feedback in a safe, sharing and supportive environment with other small business owners and personal brands.

The duration is 4-hours and includes light breakfast, snacks, refreshments, teas and coffees. Breakfast and meet-and-greet will start at 8:45 am and session start from 9:00am to 13:00pm.
Parkhurst (address to be confirmed upon ticket purchase)

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Only 6 spaces available per workshop.

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2019 DATES: Tuesday 29th of Jan, Tuesday 26th Feb and Tuesday 21s of May R950



I know what it feels like to run your own business and having to create an online brand strategy, on top of everything else you have to manage on a daily basis. The pressures and mental pitfalls of having to constantly post and produce picture-perfect and inspiring content for social are all too real and it is so easy to fall into a spiral of anxiety, self-doubt and the comparison trap. It's hard enough navigating your way through self-employment but having to take on an entire marketing department, on a lean start-up budget, can be truly overwhelming.



However, I believe that taking a mindfulness approach when creating your online strategy, having brand self-awareness and equipping yourself with insight into the inner workings of Social Media, you can create meaningful connections with your online audience, healthy relationships with your social networks and take control of your brand awareness. The future is social and with over 1 Billion people online daily, consider that social media and digital are some of the most powerful marketing tools that we as small business owners have at our disposal to connect and to communicate with like minded people who share in our passions and value are waiting to engage with our brands and make use of our products and services.


  1. BRAND STRATEGY: A megaphone message to Gather your tribe.

  • Focus on using your authentic and unique brand strengths and values to create a strategy and content that will resonate with the 'right people' and not lose sleep over 'wrong ones'.

  • We look at how to amplify your unique brand voice to connect with your own personal tribe, stand out from the visual noise and converting those social media likes to newsletter opens and your followers into clients.

  • Help you gain a better understanding of your audiences and how they experience your brand online, which will lead to the decision of which networks to focus on and create a content strategy for.

2. SOCIAL MEDIA: Become an INSTA(NT)-storyteller.

  • Create an authentic, resonating and valuable content strategy for social media

  • Highlight tools, tips and techniques that will assist you to make better connections with your audience and boost brand awareness The main social network focus will be on Instagram (And with 1 Billion users you can't really blame us for being all OG on IG)

  • Best practices to keep your online experience positive, healthy and intentional.

  • Equip you with a better understanding of the inner workings of social media while debunking common misconceptions and myths, show you how algorithms and hashtags can become your new BFF's.

  • Ultimately turn your followers into a community of loyal clients. All without ad campaigns (That's right. We see you lean start-ups out there!)

3. ONLINE MARKETING: You've got mail

After getting reacquainted with your authentic brand voice and creating a killer content strategy, it's time to drive home the fact that building the foundations of your brand ONLY on your social media following is a bit like playing Russian roulette with your business. Now that we have you speaking your truth, your tribe has gathered and you are living your best Insta-life, it's time to focus on converting followers to subscribers. Our focus shifts to creating effective and meaningful blog and email content that will drive sales growth for your business and to make sure your web page is sales-and-user-ready!


This is an interactive group strategy workshop for you bring your online marketing and brand challenges to brainstorm over and meet, network and strategise with other Nomads looking to grow their online brand. Entrepreneurs don’t let other entrepreneurs brainstorm alone, test out your ideas or share your challenges with an engaging audience ready to give you feedback and guidance. Submit your specific brand and social media burning questions before hand and we’ll take them on as a group.

I can’t wait to meet you and introduce you to the potential that exists within yourself and your brand and to your followers that are waiting to meet you.

We regret once payment has been made and booking confirmed no refunds will be issued.