Tracey van Heerden: Kolmio Jewellery

Tracey van Heerden: Kolmio Jewellery

Hi, my name is Tracey and I’m a jewellery designer and manufacturer. Bringing my own designs to life for clients was always my dream. Hearing their love story and creating the rings as a symbol of their love, is just a dream come true. Here is my story of my nomadic journey…


What lead you to working for yourself and starting your own business?

I’ve worked as a full time goldsmith in training at a local jewellery studio prior to starting my own business. My boss at that time, fell pregnant and she gave me the opportunity to work with clients and managing her company. From meeting clients, doing the design work and then manufacturing the ring - I’ve come to realize that I love meeting clients and doing management. I guess I’ve always knew that I would become an entrepreneur someday, but didn’t quite know when. At the beginning of 2016 I decided that it’s time for a new adventure. I worked after hours on my business plan and strategizing how and when I will take the leap. I then started Kolmio in August that year.

How did you get your first client and how hard/easy was it to build your client base that allow you to work for yourself?

I had quite a network of clients at my previous job that loved the way I worked with them. They recommended their friends and family to me. I also started working with clients that I never actually met before. Through social media - followers became clients.


What is a great tip that you can share with other nomadic business owners?

Make time for yourself. Take yourself out for coffee and be grateful of what you have and accomplished. A happy mind, creates a space to be creative in

What has been/or what is still your greatest challenge when working for yourself?

To be completely productive each day.

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What is your favourite thing about working for yourself?

Creating my own working hours.

How do you keep yourself motivated?

Practicing gratitude. Reflecting on how far you’ve come, gives you the motivation to move forward.

How you do you balance it all work/life?

Honestly this is something I still struggle with. I try to work when everyone else work, so that I can spend time with my husband and loved ones after hours.

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What has been your biggest lesson to date working for yourself?

Not everything is smooth sailing. Sometimes you have to make challenging decisions that you don’t like making.

Do you have any special or noteworthy projects that are coming up that you can share with us or what is a dream project or goal for 2019?

My dream was to move to the city to be able to expand, and we just have moved to Pretoria East :)

Where can people find/follow you?

On my website: And @kolmiojewellery on IG and FB

There is also a pop-up display currently at fellow Nomads & Co. member Tapenade & friends retail shop at the new Randsteam retail centre.

Business without the Overwhelm

Business without the Overwhelm