The Good-Vibes-Only Effect

The Good-Vibes-Only Effect


When setting out to create an entrepreneurial support network I was on a mission. I didn't want to create a network that was only concerned about the bottom line and getting ahead. Of course, building sustainable and financially viable businesses are important but, as I listened, recurring phrases kept popping up whenever I would chat to people who work for themselves: 

  • “I have no soundboard and need advice.” 

  • “How do others juggle work and life and manage to get it all done.” 

  • “I feel so isolated and lonely at times.”

  • “I don’t think my business/product/skills are good enough”

  • “I need to get out of the house and talk to grown-ups.”

  • “My friends and family all work in corporate and don’t understand, they think this is a hobby.”

I see you my fellow nomad. Photo credit: Daniel Jensen

I see you my fellow nomad. Photo credit: Daniel Jensen


Sound familiar? As a fellow entrepreneur, these were problems I was facing myself and no other network was addressing them.

There is no rule that states when you work for yourself you have to do it alone. ‘Remote’ doesn’t have to mean alone and independent doesn’t have to mean isolated. Some people seem to believe that slogging through this journey alone is a rite of passage to entrepreneurship when, actually, strength lies in knowing when to ask for help and having a base of support that you can rely on.

I wanted to move beyond the hustle networks and grow a meaningful community. For me, this meant a place where the brave hearts who take on self-employment can:  

Good vibes only.jpg

 1) Be vulnerable by sharing the challenges that come with running your own business.

2) Feel a sense of belonging and acceptance among fellow nomads and peers.

3) Find a place of safety where you don't have to have it all figured out but  would like some company and advice while you try to figure it out.

4) Share what you have learned along the way.

5) Be part of a community where you can say to a fellow nomad, “I see you and I get what you are going through.”

In addition, I’ll be here to support you and to listen when the challenges get real, offer advice from own experiences and I’ll celebrate with you when (not if) you get through them and your business starts to soar.  


My ongoing vision for our community and the Nomads platform is to create more meaningful work lives by letting members see themselves through the eyes of their peers and to surround themselves not only with people who get it but who are also rooting for their fellow nomads to succeed. 

Nomads & Co. is the place for those who believe that sharing success makes it sweeter and that opening up about our challenges make them easier to face. Anyone who embarks on creating their own business is equally deserving and has the right to be successful – there is enough of the good stuff to go around and a seat at the table for all of us. Our community continues to aspire to be a network that is: 










Members Liz, Liandri and Samantha at our October Joburg Meet-up. Photo Credit: Carey Slade

Members Liz, Liandri and Samantha at our October Joburg Meet-up. Photo Credit: Carey Slade


It’s been 18 months since Nomads & Co. transitioned from a physical space to an online entrepreneurial network and community, and it thrills me that it has been able to attract the kind of ‘good vibes only’ people I created this community for. 

We now enjoy the company of fellow nomads from Joburg to Cape Town, Secunda to Dallas, Texas, and we will soon be crossing into Europe this year. We welcome all who are looking for a support group and see the value in sharing their journey to join our community. 

Your very own personal squad awaits you here

Business without the Overwhelm

Business without the Overwhelm

Samantha Herbst: Podcast Host and Freelance Editor

Samantha Herbst: Podcast Host and Freelance Editor