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Samantha Herbst: Podcast Host and Freelance Editor

Hi! I'm Sam, a recovering workaholic who has suffered through several identity crises since quitting my full-time job as a magazine editor and journalist to venture out into the world of freelance writing, editing and digital marketing (my main hustle). My passion for children and all things motherhood, however, recently gave birth to the idea of an honest and authentic parenting podcast (my passion project and side hustle) that would hopefully provide a safe haven for parents to be 100% okay with not being okay. This my nomadic story…

Digits Accounting by Hanneke Barlow

I am an accountant, a mom and an entrepreneur. I serve small, creative businesses with tailored tax and accounting packages. The accountant part of me is probably the only chapter of my life that is not chaotic lol and I guess that is one of the many reasons I love what I do as it brings structure and routine to my life.