She Gathers by Mlisska Hubert

She Gathers by Mlisska Hubert

Hi! I am Mlisska, founder of She Gathers. Getting women around a table and talking is one of my favourite things to do -- SG is all about finding various ways to make this happen. We think women are strong, interesting and worth getting to know. Here is my Nomadic Story...




Tell us what lead you to start working for yourself? 

In 2015 I became a Life Coach and did a course that had a heavy emphasis on personal development. Travelling this journey gave me the courage to make the leap -- every day I have been grateful I did.

How did you get your first client and how hard or easy was it to build your client base that allow you to work for yourself? 

In some ways it has felt easy, in others like trawling through mud! It still feels like I have a huge amount of work ahead of me in letting the women of Jozi know such a community exists.

What is a great tip that you can share with other nomadic business owners?  

Part of what makes it all feel too hard/much/overwhelming is living with the vision we have in our heads of what we want or what we dream could be. That dream is a great motivator! But today is full of tiny steps that, ultimately, lead us closer. So make peace with small steps, try not to resent the 'dailyness' of your work and trust that every step keeps leading you forward!

What has been/or what is your greatest challenge in working for yourself? 

Not having a partner/team to bounce ideas off, play devil's advocate, tell me to leap or tell me to wait. Just a trustworthy sounding board.

What is your favourite thing about working for yourself? 

Discovering how much I have been able to achieve on my own. Blowing my own mind every now and again

How do you keep yourself motivated?

Coming back to my 'Why'. I spent a huge amount of time thinking about this before starting my company, I let the 'Who' and the 'What' unfold, but the 'Why' has been clear from day one. That alone is a powerful motivator.

How you do you balance your work/life relationship? 

Ha! I guess the simplest answer is that I do not believe any such thing exists! The 'work/life balance is usually a picture that holds an extreme amount of 'should's' that are not authentic to me or my life. What makes a Good Wife or Mother or Friend or Business Owner holds a different definition for every person you ask. I will say, that one thing I am conscious of and am working hard on, is wherever I am -- to really be there.

What has been your biggest lesson to date working for yourself?

Consistency is more powerful than almost any other thing. (Nomads & Co: 'Well ain't that the truth

Do you have any special or noteworthy projects that are coming up that you can share with us or what is a dream project or goal for 2018?

We are hosting five She Speaks evenings this year. I am so proud of these! A ticket buys you entrance, dinner, a glass of wine, and you get to listen to a woman share her story. Each evening is unique and so personal. For women, it is a spacious place - judgement-free and full of grace for the story you are living now.

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