Business without the Overwhelm

Owning a business can really bring up all your insecurities that you were able to hide or distract yourself from previously. For most it means spending a lot more time alone, having to put yourself out there to get business and playing every role in your business, which can become overwhelming quickly. ….

The Good-Vibes-Only Effect

When setting out to create an entrepreneurial support network I was on a mission. I didn't want to create a network that was only concerned about the bottom line and getting ahead. I wanted to create a support and resource group and a good-vibes-only community for freelancers, creatives, solo entrepreneurs and small business owners to belong to in Johannesburg.

Samantha Herbst: Podcast Host and Freelance Editor

Hi! I'm Sam, a recovering workaholic who has suffered through several identity crises since quitting my full-time job as a magazine editor and journalist to venture out into the world of freelance writing, editing and digital marketing (my main hustle). My passion for children and all things motherhood, however, recently gave birth to the idea of an honest and authentic parenting podcast (my passion project and side hustle) that would hopefully provide a safe haven for parents to be 100% okay with not being okay. This my nomadic story…

Hello It's Matilda by Matilda van der Walt

My name is Matilda, most people know me as Tillie. I am an artist, freelance graphic designer and illustrator specialising business branding for creative entrepreneurs, custom illustrations for businesses and personal commissions. I love working with watercolour and gouache paint and often incorporate my hand painted illustrations into my design work. I have an ever growing range of illustrated paper goods like greeting cards and limited edition art prints made from my original ink drawings and paintings. I occasionally also sell original artwork. This is my Nomadic story…

Liz Bharo Photography & Ostara Studio

I'm a creative at heart, with an administrative OCD side. As a complex person, I have multiple interests and live these interests through 2 businesses. The one business is called Ostara Studio. Ostara means birth and rebirth - it represents spring. The focus of Ostara Studio is to offer brand strategy and brand deliverables (e.g. content creation like premium design, brand films and marketing management etc.) to individuals and small business owners, as I want to empower them. The other business is where I live full-blown creatively - Liz Bharo Photography. I've always loved the art of photography. I do mostly styled shoots, editorial/ beauty portraits and boudoir photography. I also use my reputation as a photographer, to empower other photographers on the business of photography, through mentoring and coaching: Invoque, my YouTube channel; workshop offerings; a book I have written; and lastly personal sessions. This is my nomadic story

Digits Accounting by Hanneke Barlow

I am an accountant, a mom and an entrepreneur. I serve small, creative businesses with tailored tax and accounting packages. The accountant part of me is probably the only chapter of my life that is not chaotic lol and I guess that is one of the many reasons I love what I do as it brings structure and routine to my life.