Lizette Watts

Meet Lizette


Writer, community mobilizer and fellow entrepreneur,  Lizette Watts, has a natural ability to connect people with a passion for small business and creative ideas. 

A double graduate within the business and creative field, Lizette is always searching for ways to combine her creative interest as a self-confessed design-obsessed, visualiser with her love for entrepreneurship and business.  She is an altruist who believes in the power of community over competition. Her own freelance journey—her overwhelming desire to create more meaningful work experiences—lead her to found the acclaimed co-working haven, Nomads & Co., in Johannesburg in 2014.  Wanting to connect a wider group of entrepreneurs beyond providing a desk and inspiring workspace, she spearheaded Nomads & Co.'s transition to virtual network.

This platform facilitates IRL meet-ups across South Africa, provides real time community and support as well as actively promotes small businesses and creatives from the network. Lizette uses her 14 years of experience and her strengths as visualiser and activator to coach aspiring nomads and help them build brand and business strategies for their dream businesses.

Core Values

I believe that a sustainable and healthy work-life experience is built on:

  • more balanced and simpler lives

  • building a meaningful brand and human connections

  • Having a keen understanding of how your business works, leveraging your strengths and most of all having a clear sense of WHY you are doing it.