Helping #solopreneurs create more meaningful work-life experiences since 2015


Hi, I’m Lizette.

A Community mobilizer, entrepreneur, writer & work-life balance activist.

The Nomads & Co. network exists because of my natural ability to bring people together, my passion for small business and my love for creating space, virtual or physical, for you to step into and be your most authentic self.

It’s my personal mission to assist #solopreneurs to create a bold, brave and beautiful business that enables more living and less hustle. I do this by helping you :

  • connect with a support community,

  • grow an authentic brand,

  • build a sustainable business,

  • create a simpler and more balanced life.

These are the core values of the network and what I believe are the pillars of building a business with intent and that will serve you in achieving your ultimate life goals!


The sheer enthusiasm, sound board and go-to-gal for any business related, top-notch advice, time-and-time-again came from Nomads & Co’s Lizette Watts. This online community is growing fast and I am so honourd to be apart of it.
— Hanneke Barlow - Digits Acc Services and Nomads & Co. member
Hanneke Barlow, Tax accountant for creatives. Owner of D I G I T S

Hanneke Barlow, Tax accountant for creatives. Owner of D I G I T S